About “The Kids We Love” Collection

Building connections and strengthening values one story at a time.

Storytelling provides a playful platform for students to learn about important topics and share their experiences in a safe space. This series’ mission is to give parents and fellow teachers tools and resources to actively and organically engage with their kids. In the first book in this series, Picky Patrick, the young readers are introduced to Patrick, a young boy who is never satisfied and finds fault in everything from his snacks to his sneakers. The style of writing allows children to see aspects of themselves in Patrick and it makes them pause and reflect on what they’re grateful for. 

“I loved your story! I understand people’s feelings better now and I could tell when you were reading it you are proud of your book,” beamed Maya, a 7-year-old NYC public school student.

Praise from Jack Canfield, Co-author of the best-selling series, Chicken Soup for the Soul

About the Author 

This children’s book adventure started for Eleni over seven years ago, when her two enthusiastic boys, Zen and Billy (ages nine and seven at the time), inspired her to write her stories down and share them with the world—even if it meant printing them out on a copy machine and passing them out at a lemonade stand in front of their house in Astoria, Queens.

In a world with so many digital distractions, Eleni’s work is rooted in a strong belief that children have a desire and need to connect, NOW more than ever. She’s determined to connect with young readers through her words and also in person at her read-alouds and in school events.

Let’s Connect

Visit Eleni Fuiaxis’ website at: www.elenifuiaxis.com